D12-14, 17-20

“Singapore District 12-14 and 20 Properties For Sale -Rent are Condominiums , Apartments, Houses in  located in 'Centralised Location' in Singapore.  These districts are also known as matured HDB Estate. Resident is these are enjoy the full amenities. They are  accessible to town and central business districts. 

For District 17-19  has their  unique locality that accesible to Changi Airport and Aviation Hub, also known as new immersing estate, which received great improvement from Government of Singapore. Properties in D17-19 are recently popular among young families.”

Recommended Condo For Sale in D9-10-11


  Jadescape, the  Singapore luxurious condo in (D20), superb location, near MRT Station. Closes to town , Bishan Junction 8Orchard Road, MacRitchie Reservoir and Nature Reserved.. <read more

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District 12-14 (D17-20) and District 17-20 (D17-20)

District 12-14, 17-20 have all together difference characteristic and attractions to home buyers. Therefor it is good to explained about these similarities and differences. The similarities are the locality near to D10-D11, specially D11 Novena and Newton area, condominiums and apartments for sale in these area are incresingly in demand for buyers who like to live near D9-10-11 and wanted to buy at lower price then D09-10-11. 

D12 Balestier, Toa Payoh, Serangoon. Balestier used to be old business districts, commercial shophouse for conduct business on the first floor and living on the upper floors are commonly found in this area. The attractions is the characteristic of the local trade and authentic foods in this area. 

D13 Macpherson and Braddell used to be business support area. Shophouse for those business are commonly can be found in these area too. Due to the closes proximity to Australia International Schools and other international school, Landed houses, Condominiums and Apartments for rent in this area are popular among expatriate families. Property investors  who focus in rental investments always looking for houses, apartments and condominium for sale in these area.

D14 Geylang, Eunos used to be cultural (referring to Geylang Serai, the May traditional market) and business support area (this is due to the proximity distance to town centre). With the lower in purchase price for houses and the closes distant to town, smaller condominium and apartments for sale in this area are incresingly saleable.

D17 Loyang, Changi area are the area that closes to Changi Airport, Changi Hospital Singapore Expo Hall, Aerospace Hub. Condominiums and Apartments for Sale and Rent in this area are appeared to be suitable for those who worked in that area or having business related to Changi Airport, Changi Hospital Singapore Expo Hall, Aerospace Hub.

D18 Tampines, Pasir Ris. Pasir Ris is seaside town, peaceful and less busy. The attraction  to home buyers are its serenity and the locality itself. 

Tampines used to be industrial estate, industrial park and construction support business but since Singapore has invested in Aerospace Park and focusing on Aerospace Engineering. Tempines also within A network of expressways, namely the Pan-Island Expressway, East Coast Parkway and Tampines Expressway, and arterial roads allows easy movement within the town and link it to other parts of the island. Tampines Avenue 10, an arterial road, forms the start/end of the Outer Ring Road System, a semi-expressway. With the conveniences of land transportation between Town and Airport. Houses in Tempines became increasing in demand.

D19 Serangoon Garden Hougang and Ponggol. Serangoon Garden is one of the oldest estates on the island, and was built in the 1950s. The estate was built to house the British officers based in Singapore. The roads have British road names. Serangoon Gardens is a private housing estate in Singapore. There are a variety of types of housing, including terrace homes, semi-detached and bungalows. This area is popular with well-heeled Singaporeans and expatriates, with its close proximity to amenities and top international schools.

Punggol New Town was redeveloped since 2007 by Singapore Government. By adding in commercial centres, including shopping centres includes the idea of “waterfront living” the residential estate along the waterway.

D20 Bishan Ang Mo Kio. Bishan and Ang Mo Kio estates are appeared to be very attractive in the past 15 years due to to their locations near to town, specially Bishan where Government of Singapore has release lands near Bishan MRT Interchange Stations to be private residential which is Sky Habitat and Sky Vue which are well-received in selling and recently the release of a huge plot of land next to Bishan Junction 8 for “New Commercial Development” (includes high-rise residential apartments for sale on the higher floor. Where as Ang Mo Kio is the matured HDB Estate and 2 towns are like twin separated by Bishan Park. 

Bishan-Sub-Regional-Centre. New Plot next to Bishan Junction 8  Released by URA for New Commercial Development

New Plot next to Bishan Junction 8  Released by URA for New Commercial Development

Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority of  Singapore

District 19-20  Selangoon / Bishan / Ang Mo Kio

District 12-14 Balestier / Toa Payoh / Macpherson Rd

District 17-18 Changi  / Tampines / Pasir Ris / Hougang / Ponggolngoon /

Postal Sector
1st 2 digits of postal code
General Locations
D12 31, 32, 33 Balestier, Toa Payoh, Serangoon
D13 34, 35, 36, 37 Macpherson, Braddell
D14 38, 39, 40, 41 Geylang, Eunos
D17 49, 50, 81 Loyang, Changi
D18 51, 52 Tampines, Pasir Ris
D19 53, 54, 55, 82 Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Ponggol
D20 56, 57 Bishan, Ang Mo Kio
Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA)

About this page: District 12-14 are Balestier/ Toa Payoh, Serangoon. District 17-18 which are Changi / Tampines / Pasir Ris. District  19 & 20  are Serenagoon / Bishan / Ang Mo Kio. These area are largely comprises HDB Estates

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